Příruční knihovna: Slovníky a glosáře

ABKLEX – slovník zkratek

  • ABKLEX je slovník zkratek z oboru informatiky a telekomunikací.
  • Obsahuje výběr asi 12 800 zkratek v anglickém, německém a francouzském jazyce.
  • Zkratky jsou rozepsány v originální podobě.
  • Nerozlišuje se přesně psaní velkých a malých písmen.
  • Případná ochranná známka u příslušné zkratky není v seznamu vyznačena.
  • Pro plnotextové vyhledávání můžete použít vyhledávacího okna vpravo nahoře.
  • Copyright © Wulf Alex, Karlsruhe, 1994, 1999–2011
  • Stav: 01.01.2008

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F          Federation, Fernmelde-, Field, File, Français, Funk
F!FF       Forum Informatiker für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung
F2F        Face to Face (Slang)
FA         Fernmeldeamt
FA         For Auction (Slang)
FA         Front End Application
FA         Full Adder, Fermeldeamt, Fernamt
FAB        (Chip) Fabrication Plant
FABS       Fast Access Btree Structure
FAC        Fast Access Channel
FAC        File Access Code
FAC        Final Assembly Code
FACCH      Fast Associated Control Channel
FACL       Full Access Control List
FACS       Fibronics Advanced Cabling System
FACS       Firmware ACPI Control Structure
FACT       Federation Automatic Coding Technologies
FADA       File Access Data Unit
FADC       Fast/Flash Analog to Digital Converter
FADT       Fixed ACPI Description Table
FAE        Field Apllications Engineer
FAF        File Attribute File
FAFWOA     For A Friend Without Access (Slang)
FAG        Fernmeldeanlagengesetz
FAI        Fournisseurs d'Acces Internet
FAI        Fully Automatic Installation
FAID       Flash Authority Identification Data
FAL        File Access Listener
FAM        File Alteration Monitor
FAMOS      Floating Gate Avalanche MOS
FAN        Family Area Network
FAP        File Access Protocol
FAPI       Family Application Program Interface
FAPL       Format and Protocol Language
FAQ        Frequently Asked Questions (Netnews)
FAQ        Fragen, Antworten, Quellen der Erleuchtung (Netnews)
FAQ        Foire Aux Questions (Netnews)
FAQL       FAQ List
FAR        False Acceptance Rate
FARE       Fil Automatic Retouching and Enhancement
FARNET     Federation of American Research Networks
FAS        Fahrassistenzsystem
FAS        Frame Alignment Signal
FASC       Future of the Amateur Service Committee
FASIC      Function- and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
FAST       Fast Access Stationary Tape Guide Transport
FAT        File Allocation Table
FAXT       Far End Crosstalk
FAXTAM     Fax and Telephone Answering Machine
FB         Fiber Backbone
FB         Fine Business (Slang)
FB         Fully Buffered
FBAS       Farb-Bild-Austast-Synchronsignal (RGB-Signal)
FBD        Fully Buffered DIMM
FBE        Free Buffer Enquiry (Arcnet)
FBIS       Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBLINU     Forum für blinde und sehbehinderte Internetnutzer
FBPP       Federal Biometric Protection Profile
FBRM       Fractional Bit Rate Modulation
FBS        Fernbedienungs- und Steuerungssystem
FC         Federal Criteria
FC         Fibre Channel
FC         File Catalogue
FC         Flip Chip
FC         Flow Control
FC         Forward Checking
FC         Frame Control
FCA        Fibre Channel Association
FC-AL      Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCB        File Control Block
FCB        Future Communications Bus
FCC        Federal Communications Commission, USA
FCC        File Carbon Copy
FCCSET     Federal Coordination Committee on Science, Engineering and Technology
FCD        Final Committee Draft
FCD        Floating Car Data
FCD        Foundation for Communication for the Disabled
FCFS       First Come First Served
FCI        flux changes per inch
FCIA       Fibre Channel Industry Association
FCIF       Full Common Intermediate Format
FCL        FORTRAN Command Language
FCLC       Fibre Channel Loop Community
FCP        Fibre Channel Protocol
FCPGA       Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
FCRAM      Fast Cycle (Dynamic) Random Access Memory
FCS        Fibre Channel Standard
FCS        First Customer Shipment
FCS        Frame Check Sequence
FCSI       Fiber Channel Systems Initiative
FCT        Fast CMOS Technology
FCT        Firewall Configuration Tool
FCVC       Flow Controlled Virtual Channel
FD         Finite Domain
FD         Floppy Disk
FD         Full Duplex
FDB        Fluid Dynamic Bearing
FDC        Final Committee Draft
FDC        Floppy Disk Controller
FDCC       Formal Definitions of Cultural Conventions
FDD        Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI       Fiber Digital/Distributed Data Interface
FDDI TP-PMDFDDI Twisted Pair Physical Layer Medium Dependent
FDDI/UTP   FDDI Unshielded Twisted Pair
FDDT       FDDI Full Duplex Technology
FDE        Full Disc Encryption
FDE        Full Duplex Ethernet
FDES       Full Duplex EtherSwitch
FDF        Forms Data Format
FDFDDI     Full Duplex FDDI
FDFS       File Descriptor File System
FDI        Flash Data Integrator
FDISK      Fixed Disk
FDL        Factory Data Link
FDL        File Definition Language
FDL        (GNU) Free Documentation License
FDM        Flight Dynamic Model
FDM        Frequency Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
FDMA       Frequency Division Multiple/Multiplex Access
FDOCA      Formatted Data Object Content Architecture
FDP        Form Description Program
FDR        Frame Drop Rate
FDSE       Full Duplex Switched Ethernet
FDSL       Fixed Directory Subscriber List
FDSL       Flexible Digital Subscriber Line
FDT        Formal Description Technique
FDX        Full Duplex (transmission)
FE         Finite Elemente
FE         Focus Error
FE         Format Effektor
FE         Frame/Framing Error
FEA        Fast Ethernet Alliance
FEA        Fractal Element Antenna
FEAL       Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm
FEBE       Far End Block Error
FEC        Fast EtherChannel (Cisco)
FEC        Floating Electrode Capacitor Cell
FEC        Forward Equivalence Class
FEC        Forward Error Correction
FECN       Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
FED        Fachverband Elektronik Design e. V.
FED        Field Emission Device/Display
FEDIS      Finite Element Data Interchange Specification
FEM        Finite-Elemente-Methode
FEP        Firewall Enhancement Protocol
FEP        Front End Processor
FEPIM      Fast Ethernet Port Interface Module
FER        Frame Erasure Rate
FERAM      Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
FERF       Far End Receive Failure
FET        Feldeffekt-Transistor
FEXT       Far End Crosstalk
FF         Fieldbus Foundation
FF         First Fail (Principle)
FF         Flipflop
FF         Form Feed
FFA        Free For All
FFAPI      File Format API
FFDT       FDDI Full Duplex Technology (DEC)
FFGF       File Framework Generator and Formatter
FFI        Foreign Function Interface
FFII       Förderverein für eine Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur
FFM        File-on-File Mounting File System
FFOL       FDDI Follow-On LAN
FFR        For Future Release
FFS        Fast/Flash File System
FFS        Flexibles Fertigungssystem
FFS        For Free Server
FFSN       Fast Flux Service Network
FFT        Fast Fourier Transform/Transformation
FFT        Full Frame Transfer
FFTP       Fast Food Transfer Protocol (Mampfnet)
FG         Feature Group
FG         Foreground
FG         Frame Ground
FGA        Feature Group A
FGB        Feature Group B
FGC        First Global Commerce
FGD        Feature Group D
FGDC       Federal Geographic Data Committee
FGF        Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk
FGV        Fernmeldegebührenvorschriften
FH         Frame Handler
FHS        Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FHS        For Heaven's Sake (Slang)
FHSS       Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FI         Feature Interaction
FI         Form Interpreter
FI         Full Interchangeability
FIAWOL     Fandom Is A Way Of Life (Slang)
FICON      Fiber Connectitivty
FID        File/Format/Frequency Identifier/Identification
FIF        Fachinformation in Fachhochschulen
FIF        Fractal Image Format
FIFF       Forum InformatikerInnen für den Frieden e. V.
FIFO       First In, First Out (Speicher)
FILO       First In, Last Out (Speicher)
FIMS       Forms Integration Management Standard
FINCEN     Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
FINTS      Financial Transaction Services
FIP        File Processor Buffering
FIPR       Foundation of Information Policy Research, UK
FIPS       Federal Information Processing Standard, USA
FIQ        Fast Interrupt Request
FIR        Fast Infrared Communication
FIR        Finite Impulse Response
FIR        Full Intra Request
FIRP       Federal Internetworking Requirements Panel (NIST)
FIRST      Fraunhofer-Institut für Rechnerarchitektur und Softwaretechnik, Berlin
FIRST      Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FIS        Financial Information System
FISA       Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISH       First In, Still Here (Slang)
FISMA      Federal Information Security Management Act, USA
FIT        Fachauschuss für Information und Telekommunikation
FIT        Failures In Time
FIT        Fingerprint Identification Technology
FIT        Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik, Sankt Augustin
FITB       Fill In The Blank (Slang)
FITL       Fiber In The Loop
FITNR      Fixed In The Next Release (Slang)
FITS       Flexible Image Transport System
FITUG      Förderverein Informatik und Gesellschaft e. V.
FIX        Federal Information/Internet Exchange
FIZ        Fachinformationszentrum
FK         Family Key
FKTG       Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft
FL         Fiber Link
FLA        Full Look Ahead
FLAC       Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLAIM      Flexible and Adaptable Information Manager
FLAME      Flexible Application Program Interface for Module-based Environments
FLASK      Flux Advanced Security Kernel
FLBGA      Fine Line Ball Grid Array
FLC        Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal
FLC        First Level Cache
FLI        Font Library
FLIC       FORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
FLIT       Flexowriter Interrogation Tape
FLL        Frequency Locked Loop
FLN        Family Life Network
FLN        Fuzzy Lattice Neurocomputing
FLOF       Full Level One Feature
FLOP       Floating Point Operation
FLOPS      Floating Point Operations per Second
FLOSS      Free/Libre Open Source Software
FLP        Fast Link Pulse
FLT        Fertigungsleittechnik
FLUVIS     Fluid Dynamics Visualization in a Virtual Windtunnel
FM         Facility/Fault/Function Management
FM         Frequenzmodulation, Frequency Modulation
FMA        Fault Management
FMA        Fused Multiply-Add
FMAC       Floating Point Multiply Accumulate
FMC        Flexible Manufacturing Cell
FMC        Flight Management Computer
FMCW       Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FMD        Fluorescence Multilayer Disk
FMD        Funkmessdienst
FME        Funkmeldeempfänger
FMEA       Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FMH        Function Management Header
FMI        Fixed Mobile Integration
FML        Forms Markup Language
FMP        Flow Management Protocol
FMP        Functional Multiprocessor/-processing
FMS        Facility/File/Forms Management System
FMS        Fernmeldesystem
FMS        Fieldbus Message Specification
FMS        Flexible Manufacturing System
FMS        Funkmeldesystem
FMV        Full Motion Video
FN         Fiber Node
FNA        File Name/Attribute Augmentation Facility
FNA        Formerly Known As (Slang)
FNA        Functional Needs Analysis
FNA        Functional Network Architecture
FNC        Federal Networking Council, USA
FNL        Fortran Numerical Library
FO         Fernmeldeordnung
FO         Fiber Optics
FOAF       Friend Of A Friend (Slang)
FOC        Fiber Optic Cable
FOC        Free Of Charge
FOD        Fax On Demand
FOD        Foreign Object Damage
FOF        Factor Out Failure
FOIA       Freedom Of Information Act, USA
FOIP       Fax Over Internet Protocol
FOIRL      Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link
FOL        First-Order Logic
FOLDOC     Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
FOLED      Flexible Organic Light Emitting Display
FOMA       Freedom Of Multimedia Access
FOMAU      Fiber Optic Medium Attachment Unit
FOOBAR     FTP Operation Over Big Address Records
FORTRAN    Formula Translator
FORTWIHR   Forschungsverbund für technisch-wissenschaftliches Hochleistungsrechnen
FOSDEM     Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting
FOSI       Formatting Output Specification Instance
FOSS       Free and Open Source Software
FOSSIL     Fido-Opus-Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FOV        Field Of View
FP         Fabri-Perrot (-Laser)
FP         False Positive
FP         Fiber Passive
FP         Fixed Part
FP         Floating Point
FPAD       Field Programmable Address Decoder
FPAL       Field Programmable Array Logic
FPD        Flat Panel Display
FPDP       Front Panel Data Port
FPGA       Field Programmable Gate Array
FPIC       Field Programmable Interconnect Circuit
FPK        Fast Packet Keying
FPLA       Field Programmable Logic Array
FPLD       Field Programmable Logic Device
FPLMTS     Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
FPLS       Field Programmable Logic Sequencer
FPM        Fast Packet Multiplexing
FPM        Fast Page Mode (DRAM)
FPML       Field Programmable Macro Logic
FPO        For Placement Only (image)
FPODA      Fixed Assignment PODA
FPP        Fast Parallel Port
FPP        Fixed Path Control
FPP        Floating Point Processor
FPP        Fraud Prevention Pool
FPP        Full Packaged Product
FPS        Fast Packet Switching
FPS        First Person Shooter
FPS        For Pay Server
FPS        Frames per Second
FPT        Force/Forced Perfect Termination
FPU        File Preparation Unit
FPU        Floating Point Unit
FPX        Flash Pix (Format)
FQDN       Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet)
FQHN       Fully Qualified Host Name (Internet)
FR         Frame Relay
FRAD       Frame Relay Access Device
FRAD       Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRAM       Ferroelectric/Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory
FRC        Full Rate Channel
FRC        Functional Redundancy Checking
FRCA       Fast Response Cache Accelerator
FRDS       Failure Resistant Disk System
FRE        Full Regular Expression
FREQNPAV   Frequenznutzungsplanaufstellungsverordnung
FREQNPAVBV Frequenznutzungsplanaufstellungsverordnungsbeauftragtenversammlung
FRF        Frame Relay Forum
FRICC      Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee
FRISK      Fri Programvare I Skolen (Norway)
FRMR       Frame Reject (frame)
FRPI       flux reversals per inch
FRR        False Rejection Rate
FRS        Family Radio Service
FRS        Frame Relay Service
FRTS       Future Request To Send
FRU        Field Replaceable Unit
FS         Field/File Separator
FS         File System
FS         Finite State
FS         Font Server
FS         Frame Status
FS         Full Screen
FSA        Finite State Automaton
FSAA       Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing
FSAG       Free Software Association Germany, Frankfurt (M)
FSAN       Full Services Access Network
FSB        Front Side Bus
FSB        Functional System Block
FSC        Fujitsu Siemens Computers
FSCSI       Fast SCSI
FSD        File System Driver
FSE        Freisprecheinrichtung
FSF        Free Software Foundation
FSFE       Free Software Foundation Europe
FSFO       Failsave Failover
FSG        Free Standards Group
FSK        Frequency Shift Keying (Modulation)
FSL        Full Shallow Learning
FSM        Finite State Machine
FSM        Free Space Map
FSM        Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia (Diensteanbieter)
FSMO       Flexible Single Master Operation
FSN        File System Navigator
FSN        Full Service Network
FSP        File Service Protocol (Internet)
FSS        Fixed Satellite Services
FST        Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Telefonmehrwertdienste
FSTP       Fast Spanning Tree Protocol
FSU        Free Software Union
FT         Fast Track
FT         Fault Tolerant
FT         Free Term
FT         Funkentelegraphie
FTA        Final Type Approval
FTAM       File Transfer, Access and Management (OSI)
FTASB      Faster Than A Speeding Bullet (Slang)
FTB        Front To Back Algorithm
FTBS       Failed To Build from Source
FTC        Fax Transfer Centre
FTC        Federal Trade Commission, USA
FTDS       Failure Tolerant Disk System
FTL        Faster Than Light (Slang)
FTLS       Formal Top Level Specification
FTP        File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
FTP        Foiled Twisted Pair
FTPI       Flux Transitions Per Inch
FTPS       File Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL (Internet)
FTS        Fahrerlose Transportsysteme
FTS        Fidonet Transport Standard
FTS        File Transfer Service
FTTB       Fiber To The Basement/Building
FTTC       Fiber To The Curb
FTTG       Fiber To The Galaxy
FTTH       Fiber To The Home
FTTL       Fiber Ro The Loop
FTTN       Fiber To The Neighbourhood
FTZ        Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
FTZ        Forschungs- und Technologie-Zentrum der DBP Telekom
FU         Functional Unit
FUBAHR     Fouled Up Beyond All Hope of Recognition (Slang)
FUBAR      Fouled Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition (Slang)
FUBB       Fouled Up Beyond Belief (Slang)
FUBS       Fido Used Book Squad
FUD        Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation/Doubt (Slang)
FUD        Flussdiagramm (DIN 66 001)
FUE        Forschung und Entwicklung
FUG        Functional Unification Grammar
FUI        Fake User Interface
FUI        File Update Information
FUL        Forschung und Lehre
FUNET      Finnish University and Research Network
FUNI       Frame based/Relay User Network Interface
FUP        Funktionsplan (DIN 40 719)
FURA       Föreningen Umeå Radioamatörer
FUSE       Filesystem in User Space
FUSSP      Final Ultimate Solution of the Spam Problem
FUST       Funkstelle
FüV        Fernmeldeverkehrs-überwachungs-Verordnung
FV         Festverbindung
FVD        Finalized Versatile Disc
FVF        Flexible Vertex Format
FVIT       Fachverband Informationstechnik im ZVEI
FVT        Full Video Translation
FVV        Feste virtuelle Verbindung
FW         Firewall
FWEE       Fernwirkendeinrichtung
FWEG       Fernwirkendgerät
FWH        Firmware Hub
FWI        Frequently Wanted Information
FWIW       For What It's Worth (Slang)
FWLST      Fernwirkleitstelle
FWT        Fast Wavelet Transform
FX         File Express
FX         Foreign Exchange (Service)
FXO        Foreign Exchange Office
FXP        File Exchange Protocol (RFC 959)
FXS        Foreign Exchange Station
FXSR       Fast FP/MMX Streaming SIMD Extensions Save/Restore
FXU        Fixed Point Unit
FYA        For Your Amusement (Slang)
FYEO       For Your Eyes Only (Slang)
FYI        For Your Information (Internet)
FZI        Forschungszentrum Informatik, Karlsruhe

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