Handbibliothek: Glossare und Wörterbücher

ABKLEX – Abkürzungswörterbuch

  • Abkürzungs-Liste (Informatik, Telekommunikation)
  • Das Wörterbuch ABKLEX enthält eine Auswahl von rund 12.800 Abkürzungen aus den Bereichen Informatik und Telekommunikation in englischer, deutscher und französischer Sprache.
  • Zwischen Groß- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht immer unterschieden.
  • Einige Abkürzungen sind geschützte Namen; diese sind nicht als solche gekennzeichnet.
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  • Copyright © Wulf Alex, Karlsruhe, 1994, 1999–2009
  • Stand: 01.01.2008

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W          Wide, Window, Wireless, World
W3         WWW, World Wide Web (Internet)
W3C        World Wide Web Consortium
WAA        Wavelet Analysis and its Applications
WAA        Web Analytics Association
WAA        Web Application Adaptor
WAA        Wireless Advertising Association
WAAS       Wide Area Augmentation System
WAB        What Another Bill (Slang)
WABI       Windows Application Binary Interface
WACK       Wait Acknowledgement
WACS       Wireless Access Communications System
WAD        Wählautomat für Datenverbindungen
WADFS      Wide Area Distributed File System
WAE        Worked All Europe
WAENA      Wide Area Educational Network
WAF        Womens' Acceptance Factor
WAFL       Write Anywhere File Layout
WAI        Web Accessibility Initiative
WAIS       Wide Area Information Servers/Service
WAITS      Wide Area Information Transfer System
WAL        Write Ahead Logging
WAM        Warren Abstract Machine
WAM        Wide Amplitude Modulation
WAMKSAM    Why Are My Kids Staring At Me? (Slang)
WAMP       Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP
WAMPUM     Ward's Automated Menu Package Using Microcomputers
WAN        Wide Area Network
WAO        Warteschlange der ablaufbereiten Objekte
WAP        Wireless Application Protocol
WAP        Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsplatz
WAPECS     Wireless Access Policy for Electronic Communication Services
WAPI       Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure
WARC       World Administrative Radio Conference
WASP       Web Standards Project
WATS       Wide Area Telephone/Telecommunications Service
WATTC      World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference
WAWA       Work Anywhere With Anybody
WB         Welcome Back (Slang)
WB         Write Back
WBA        Wireless Broadband Access
WBC        Web Based Communication
WBC        Wide Band Channel
WBEM       Web Based Enterprise Management
WBM        Web Based Management
WBRC       Württembergisch-Badischer Radioclub
WBT        Web Based Training
WBT        Windows Based Terminal
WC         Workgroup Computing
WC         World Coordinate
WC         Worst Case
WCAG       Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
WCF        Waveguide Cavity Filter
WCF        Weather/Wireless Communications Facility
WCF        Web Component Framework
WCF        Windows Communication Foundation
WCF        Word Class Function
WCCP       Web Cache Coordination Protocol
WCDMA      Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
WCE        Write Cache Enable
WCMS       Web Content Management System
WCP        Worst Current Practice
WCPN       Wireless Customer Premises Network
WCS        Wireless Control System
WCS        Writable Control Store
WCT        WIPO Copyright Treaty
WD         Western Digital
WDDM       Windows Display Driver Model
WDM        Wavelength Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
WDM        Windows Driver Model
WDS        Wireless Distribution System
WDSL       Wireless Digital Subscriber Line
WDYMBT     What Do You Mean By That (Slang)
WDYS       What Did You Say (Slang)
WDT        Watchdog Timer
WE         Write Enable
WEB        Workshop on E-Business
WEB        World Entertainment Broadcasting
WEB        (short for:) World Wide Web, WWW
WEBDAV     Web Document Authoring And Versioning
WEEB       Western European EDIFACT Board
WEEE       Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
WEFT       Web Embedding Fonts Tool (Microsoft)
WELL       Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link
WEP        Wired/Wireless Equipment/Equivalent Privacy/Protocol
WF         Workflow
WFA        Wi-Fi Alliance
WFG        Wait For Graph
WFM        Wide Frequency Modulation
WFM        Wired for Management
WFM        Works For Me (and no one else)
WFMC       Workflow Management Coalition
WFMS       Workflow Management System
WFP        Wait for First Packet
WFP        Well Formed Path
WFP        Windows File Protection
WFQ        Weighted Fair Queuing
WFS        Woodstock File Server
WFW        Windows For Workgroups (Microsoft)
WG         Working Group (ISO)
WGA        Windows Genuine Advantage
WGDTB      Working Group on Digital Television Broadcasting
WGIG       Working Group on Internet Governance (ITU)
WGS        Work Group System
WHAK       With Hugs And Kisses (Slang)
WHNF       Weak Head Normal Form
WHQL       Windows Hardware Quality Lab
WIA        Windows Image Acquisition
WIBNI      Would It Be Nice If (Slang)
WIC        Wireless Indoor Communication
WILD       Wireless Interactive Learning Device
WIMP       Windows, Icons, Menus/Mice, Pointing (s. a. MUFF)
WIMPS      Windows, Icons, Menus/Mice, Pointing, Scroll bars
WIMRE      Wenn Ich Mich Recht Erinnere (Slang)
WIN        Wireless Inhouse Network
WIN        Wissenschaftsnetz des DFN (X.25)
WINS       Windows Internet Name Service (Microsoft)
WINS       Wireless Integrated Network Sensor
WIP        Work In Progress (Slang)
WIPO       World Intellectual Property Organization
WIS        Windows Installer Service
WISP       Wireless Internet Service Provider
WKS        Well Known Service/Socket (Internet)
WL         Wear Leveling
WLAN       Wireless Local Area Network
WLANA      Wireless LAN Association
WLBS       Windows Load Balancing Service
WLL        Wireless Local Loop
WLM        Workload Manager
WM         Window Manger
WMA        Windows Media Audio
WMAN       Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
WMD        Web Media Developers
WMD        Windows Media Device/Download
WMD        World Mail Directory
WMD        WYSIWYM Markdown (language, editor)
WMDRM      Windows Media Digital Rights Management
WME        Windows Media Encoder
WMF        Windows Media/Metafile Format
WMI        Windows Management Interface/Instrumentation
WML        Wireless Markup Language
WMM        Wi-Fi Multimedia
WMN        Wireless Mesh Network
WMR        Wireless Meshing Router
WMRS       Write Me Real Soon (Slang)
WMS        Wide Area Master Station
WMT        Windows Media Technologies
WMV        Windows Media Video
WNIC       WAN Interface Coprocessor
WNIM       WAN Interface Module
WNP        Weissbier Networking Protocol (Microhopf)
WNPP       Work-Needing and Prospective Package (Debian)
WOA        Web Object Application
WOCNRA     Wobble Signal to Noise Ration after Recording
WOD        Web Object Definition
WOK        Wake On Keyboard
WOL        Wake On LAN
WOL        Window Object Library
WOLF       Weak Signal Operation for Low Frequency
WOM        Wake On Modem
WOM        Write-Only-Memory
WOMBAT     Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time (Slang)
WOP        Werkstattorientierte Programmierung
WORM       Write Once, Read Many/Multiple
WOS        Web Object Script
WOS        Web/Workplace/Workstation Operating System
WOS        Webserver On Stick
WOS        Windows Open Services
WOS        Wireless Office Services/Solutions/System
WOS        Wizards of OS (Operating Systems)
WOS        Workshop for Open Systems
WOSA       Windows Open Systems Architecture (Microsoft)
WOTA       Who's On The Air (database)
WP         White Pages
WP         Wikipedia
WP         Word Processor
WP         Write Protected
WPA        Wi-Fi Protected Access
WPAN       Wireless Personal Area Network
WPC        Wearable Personal Computer
WPD        Windows Printer Description
WPF        Windows Presentation Foundation
WPHD       Write Protected Hard Disk
WPIM       WAN Interface Port Module
WPM        words per minute
WPPT       WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
WPS        Windows Printing System
WPS        Workplace Shell (IBM)
WRAM       Window Random Access Memory
WRB        Web Request Broker
WRL        (DEC) Western Research Laboratory
WRP        Winsock Redirection Protocol
WRR        Weighted Round Robin
WRS        Wide Area Ground Reference Station
WRT        With Regard/Respect To (Slang)
WRTH       World Radio and Television Handbook
WS         Wide Screen
WS         Window Size
WS         Workstation
WSAD       Websphere Studio Application Developer
WSDL       Web Services Description Language
WSH        Windows Scripting Host
WSIS       World Summit on the Information Society
WSN        Wireless Sensor Network
WSP        Web Standards Project
WSQ        Wavelet Scalar Quantization
WSRF       Web Services Resource Framework
WSS        Web Services Security
WSS        Windows Sharepoint Services (Microsoft)
WSS        Windows Sound System (Microsoft)
WST        World System Teletext
WSTS       World Semiconductor Trade Statistics
WT         Without Thinking (Slang)
WT         Write Through
WTB        Wanted To Buy (Slang)
WTH        What The Heck/Hell (Slang)
WTK        Wechselstrom-Telegrafie auf Kurzwelle
WTL        Wechselstrom-Telegrafie auf Langwelle
WTLS       Wireless Transport Layer Security
WTOS       Wyse Thin Operating System
WTS        Web/Wireless Tracking System
WTS        Web Transaction Security/Services
WTS        Web Transcoding Server
WTS        WiMAX Test System
WTS        Windows Terminal Server (Microsoft)
WTS        Wireless Telephone System
WTS        World Telecommunication Standardization
WTT        Wanted To Trade (Slang)
WTTF       Want To Test First (Slang)
WTTM       Without Thinking Too Much (Slang)
WULF       Wake Up on Line/Liquid Feed
WUS        Windows Update Services (Microsoft)
WUSB       Wireless Universal Serial Bus
WUXGA      Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array
WVQ        Wavelet Vector Quantization
WW         Wahlwiederholung
WWC        World Wide Computing
WWDM       Wide Wavelength Division Multiplex
WWG        Wieder Was Gelernt (Slang)
WWOZ       Wahre Weingartener Ortszeit
WWRF       Wireless World Research Forum
WWW        W3, World Wide Web, World Wide Waiting, Weltweites Warten
WWW        Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME
WWW        Works With and Without
WWWW       World Wide Web Wizard/Worm
WWWWW      World Wide Web Worm Warning
WXGA       Wide Extended Graphics Array
WYS        Whatever You Say (Slang)
WYSIWIS    What You See Is What I See
WYSIWYG    What You See Is What You Get
WYSIWYM    What You See Is What You Mean
WZC        Wireless Zero Configuration

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